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Unity 4.0(3) subscriber caller-input settings going away


Have a issue where subscriber caller input settings for 0 key (transfer to a subscriber) work fine for awhile but after awhile they go away, and the 0 key gets set back to default with CVM Mailbox Reset as option. Aren't going in to make changes and nothing really in event logs.

Any ideas?


Re: Unity 4.0(3) subscriber caller-input settings going away

In DBwalker getting following for problem subscrbers.

"1226:(error) set to go to a missing call handler with an ObjectID={55550090-4C7D-48B2-A649-D7F248A871D0} You can try reselecting the after greeting action on the 'greetings' page for this call handler or subscriber and saving to clear this issue

Then when go into SA for this subscriber, the caller input 0 key is set to Send To Call Handler and it saids Invalid link in red. When this works, this is Send to Subscriber and a subscriber.

Anyone seen this before? fix?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0(3) subscriber caller-input settings going away

That's not a bug - that's what happens if you map a user input key (or in the case of the error above the after message action) to go to a subscriber or a call handler that you then subsequently delete - the referenced object is no longer valid so the key shows up in the SA (and dbWalker) as invalid. You can have dbWalker set this to "ignore" and clear the invalid link automatically if you like.

The after greeting action noted in the error above is not related to the "0" key being invalid - although the cause is likely the same (i.e. you've deleted a call handler or subscriber that was being referenced).

The fix is to do just exactly what the output of dbWalker is telling you to do - select a valid destination for the one key and/or the after greeting action for the subscriber or call handler being referenced. Or you can have dbWalker set it to something valid automatically - although I normally don't reccomend doing that.

Re: Unity 4.0(3) subscriber caller-input settings going away



I found the above w/DBwalker which makes sense, but client said something about the Send To option having the CVM Mailbox return as a option instead of subscriber. Thats what I haven't been able to see myself yet and waiting for a screenshot or for them to call me when it happens.

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