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Unity 4.0 and Voicemail Only

Here is the situation:

Customer will have VM only with Exchange 2000 on box. Unity will be standalone DC, in it's own domain.

1. How complicated would it be in the future to make Unity Unified Messaging. Customer is currently using Exchange 2000. How difficult is it to use DiRT. Will it preserve auto attendant settings and recordings?

2. In the present situation can you dial an extension and have the phone ring of someone who does not have a VM box. Would we use internet subscribers in this situation? Is internet subscribers for UM only? Or would we transfer the call to CallManager and have CM transfer to the extension?

3. For those users who will have VM, do they need to purchase additional CAL's?

4.Can you enter a user in Unity who has an extension in Unity without a VM?

5. If we are doing a VM only, standalone in it's own domain without attaching to customer's AD. Can i prestage at my office and plug in to customers site without any problems.

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0 and Voicemail Only

1. If you plan ahead, transitioning to UM from VM can be easy – this is, in fact, one of the reasons I wrote the DiRT tool in the first place. There’s a snappy white paper that talks about how to plan ahead when you’re deploying VM with an eye towards going to UM down the road that will be helpful to you here:

You can also check out the DiRT home page and review the help file and training videos out there that show you to use it for various scenarios – should answer most of your DiRT related questions:

2. Yes, you can create as many internet subscribers as you like and they can be used to transfer to extensions or remote phone numbers (i.e. you can include a trunk access code and dial a CO number) no problem. You can also use call handlers for this if you like, however internet subscribers have the advantage of being able to be listed in the name lookup handlers which allow outside callers to find folks by name (handy if you have a legacy voice mail system you’re phasing out and you want everyone to be findable in the Unity alpha directory).

3. No, you don’t need CALs for VM only users – they’re included in the license that comes with Unity. So long as these users ONLY access their messages over the phone or via the separately licensed PCA web inbox, you’re cool. If they use another desktop client to access their inbox, then they need to pony up for a CAL.

4. yes… see #2.

5. If it’s all on one box and you aren’t going to make it a member of an existing domain out there, sure. You can’t change the server name or the domain it’s installed it post install, however, so that only works for the completely self contained installation (which is what it sounds like you want to do).

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