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Unity 4.0 Digital Networking

I have to throw out this question, because I can't seem to find the answer.

I am currently setting up digital networking with unity 4.0 in two different Exchange 5.5 sites. I see the users being replicated across servers, but am unable to get the directory handler to transfer calls to subscribers on the other unity server. When I look at the subscribers under the subscribers page I see a message in the Telephone Number Field that says "warning could not find extension". Don't know if this is supposed to be that way or not. I have changed the setting in the Advanced Tools to set the search field to look in the entire dialing domain, but unity is still unable to find the subscribers from the other unity server. Not sure what to look for next?


Re: Unity 4.0 Digital Networking

Are both of the servers in the same dialing domain?

The "warning could not find extension" is a defect in the SA. It's not related to your transfer issues. Also, the defect (CSCea52697) will be corrected in 4.0(3).



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Re: Unity 4.0 Digital Networking

Yes, both severs are in the same dialing domain. But for example ie... if I go to select a subscriber from the other Unity server, I recive the error "This object has been deleted". It was my understanding that selecting a subscriber from another server would pull up that subscriber's user page off the other server. I have gone back a rechecked the Digital Networking Paper for all the regedit keys that I needed to change and they all are set correct. Do I need to check my user rights on both unity servers. Both servers are in the same NT Network and I used the same install account for the network to load both. The Exchange servers that I am connecting too are running Servie Pack 4.

Re: Unity 4.0 Digital Networking

Hi Keith -

Saw your post and tried to find this bug CSCea52697 - looks to be private. Does it apply to 3.1(5)? I am starting to have this problem in SA. I have been correcting the problem by editing the subscriber table, removing the dtmfaccessid for the user, then closing SQL before re-adding the extension back in Unity SA. Today I found 20 subscribers with their extensions missing, some of them new users, some created some time ago. We are importing new users for a new site - so the increased activity brought this problem to the forefront. Any ideas? And if the bug fix applies to our Unity version, could I get the correction emailed to me?

Thanks in advance, Ginger

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