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Unity 4.0 Password issue

Unity 4.0

Unified Messaging

This is a new install. Installed 4.0 for the customer. Everything was going ok until today. The customer is saying that periodically throughout the day they will try to login to their voice mail box via the phone. When they are prompted for their password, they enter the password; however, it is telling them that the password is incorrect. Eventually the account will become locked based on account policy.

They also report that they may try it again later and the password is working again.

And we double verified end user error.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0 Password issue

You double-verified that it is end user error : )

What's the integration type; CCM or legacy? Are they calling Unity from external or internal phones? We could set MIU traces and verify what digits were being presented to Unity. That would be my first guess; the digits that they entered or believed to have entered don't match what was presented to Unity.

For the MIU traces, there are trace flags for digit detection/generation. That might be under the "general" section of MIU traces, but I can't remember for sure. If you do go the trace route, you'll have to ensure that reports of problems include the time of password entry attempt.

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Re: Unity 4.0 Password issue

This is a CCM integration. It is happening when the end user is selecting the messages button then prompted for their password.

The only thing that we are doing diffrent than a lot of installs is the cutomer has a lot of overlapping DID's. So they have 4 digit extenstions on the phone. Their voice mail box is 10 digit and they are using a voice mail profile (CCM) that masks their voice mail number 973404XXXX.

I can try to setup traces but thought maybe you have seen this issue before.


Re: Unity 4.0 Password issue

Assuming this is a CallManager integration I guess I would start with these debugs:



Subscriber Conversation,10

You can turn them on with the Unity Diagnostic Tool. To collect them you want to pull the AvCsMgr and AvSkinnyTsp traces. The MiuGeneral,14 and Subscriber Conversation,10 traces run under AvCsMgr and SkinnyTSP,12 runs under AvSkinnyTsp.

Logically I would troubleshoot like this:

1) Does the TSP receive the DTFM from CallManager? SkinnyTSP,12 (No, need to focus on CallManager - Yes, next trace)

2) Does the MUI detect the DTFM tone? MiuGeneral,14 (No, need to focus on the MIU - Yes, next trace)

3) Does the conversation authenticate the user? Subscriber Conversation,10 (No, need to focus on the conversation - Yes, uuuhhhh this should mean it is working)

You will probably need to open a TAC case on this but please feel free to post the resulting AvSkinnyTsp and AvCsMgr traces if you like.



Re: Unity 4.0 Password issue

Hello -

I work with a 3.1(5) system and the default lockout, if set, is 1 attempt. One attempt is pretty restrictive. Another default is to require the system admin to reset the lockout duration. Since your users are able to get back in later, it sounds like you have a lockout duration of some number of minutes set? Is this a CallManager integration with IP phones and what CallManager version/phone loads? This information could be helpful to Cisco personnel. We use IP phones and have not experienced any problems with users entering their passwords via the TUI.

You may have already tried this ... I would have the users go to their administrative website and change their own passwords, then save. They can use this interface even if the account lockout is in effect by phone. After saving their passwords, unlock their accounts and have them try it again.

Best wishes, Ginger

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