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Unity 4.0 schema extension

We are installing Unity 4.0 at a customer that already has Unity 3.1.4, thus the schema has already been "extended". I am to the point of the install where Unity 4.0 is being setup to use the Exchange Message store, yet I get an error stating

"The following problem was found while verifying installation requirements -

Please upgrade your schema for Unity"

Is there a difference between the two extension mechanisms that is keeping Unity 4.0 from using the local, on-box Exxchange2k Message Store? I would think not, since the extension is for the Exchange portion (to hold the extra Unity information), not Unity, but if so, will re-extending the schema have any negative effect on the workings of the two existing Unity 3.1.4 servers? Again, I would think not, but I just wanted to check. In the meantime, still reading ...


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Re: Unity 4.0 schema extension

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0 schema extension

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0 schema extension

Yeah, there were some additional items added to the AD schema for the 4.0 release since the 3.1(4) release - most of the items were concentrated on systems using the Bridge or AMIS networking options (which is why those are optional extensions you can choose to leave out) but a few items were added to the "base" scheme.

Extending the scheme again is fine, it'll just add the additional properties necessary.

Re: Unity 4.0 schema extension

Hello -

We are running Unity 3.1(5) with schema already updated for bridge and voice connector support. When we perform our upgrade to 4.0 and do the schema updates for the additional FlexLM and alternate DTMF support, do I just need to check the Exchange 2000 Directory Monitor check box In the Active Directory Schema Setup dialog box?

Thanks much! Ginger

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