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Unity 4.0 Upgrade Questions & Info


-*-*I apologize in advance if this has been asked before*-*-

I am in the process of planning to upgrade my current Unity box running 3.1(3) to 4.0 and I am curious to know if anyone had any tips, comments, or suggestions about the upgrade process. I have read the Upgrade from 3.1X to Unity 4.0 document numerous times and I will be reading it again a couple of dozen more times just to be certain I have everything covered.

My Unity Box specs are:

Unity Version: 3.1(3)

Voice Mail Users: 342 out of 400 used with Active Assistant

16 Voice Mail Ports

Exchange 5.5

SQL 7.0

Any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You



Re: Unity 4.0 Upgrade Questions & Info

Hi Glenn -

I submitted a similar post a few weeks back and did not get any takers. I am currently running 3.1(5) in production with Exchange 2000 (24 ports unified messaging, about 420+ users) with CallManager 3.3(2spC). I have a Unity 4.0(2) system running in test now, but I did a brand new install, not an upgrade. I likewise have read the upgrade document but was interested in user experiences like doing the DiRT backup, making the key change from dongle to FlexLM, ciscopca etc. Having a test system is helping a lot to get familiar with the new pca interface. We are looking to migrate to 4.0(3) when it becomes available. So I will be planning it soon. If you would like to begin our own migration experience forum entry, we can continue to talk here or you may email me directly at

P.S. When are you planning to migrate, i.e. maybe we can talk together by phone? If that interests you as well, ping me at address above :-)

Best wishes! Ginger

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0 Upgrade Questions & Info

We are also planning to upgrade our production system from to 4.0(2) this weekend. Can/Will the recorded names and greetiings be backed up or will each subscriber need to be set to self enrollment?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0 Upgrade Questions & Info

Check out the 4.0(2) installation guide here:

There's a chapter on upgrading from 2.x that talks about how to use the FullDBImport/Export tools for migrating your user information. Be sure to fetch the latest of both tools off their hom page here:

Yes, it'll cart over the greetings and voice names but it wont get phone passwords (the encryption has changed between 2.x and 3.x and later) - the help file (which you can get off the home page above) has a list of what data is preserved and what data will be lost that should get you what you need to know.

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