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Unity 4.0(x) Install w/ Bind 9

Need help in nailing down the SRV records that are applied to a DNS server for UNITY. i have tried tac and they are doing the best they can just not quite there. i have done everything up to the portion where you run the Cisco Unity Services Configuration wizard. when i run the wizard i get an error stating w/ the following msg.


Window TITLE = SvcWiz


The following problem was found while verifying that the system meets the installation requirements:

The Local System is not a member of the Exchange Domain Servers group.


we have verified and double checked the machine does exist in the Exchange Domain Servers group. my only thought is that the configuration wizard is trying to talk to a 5.5 domain because of an adc connection. i'm not sure. we have a root domain of XXX.XXX and the exchange servers exist in this as well as the unity server. any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Re: Unity 4.0(x) Install w/ Bind 9

Exchange is having a problem because there is no Windows 2000 DNS.

Windows 2000 requires DDNS. It's not optional and AD/Exchange 2000 will not work properly without it. If you do not have an existing AD infrastructure that is using DNS (Bind or whatever) then you need to use

Windows 2000 DNS. We don't support using Bind with Unity

You can configure the Windows 2000 DNS server to forward to the Linux DNS server and all should be fine.

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Re: Unity 4.0(x) Install w/ Bind 9

This Reply is not totally correct. As you wil see stated by Microsoft in the following link.

the above link shows how to implement AD w/o dynamic dns or dynamic updates using Bind9.

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Re: Unity 4.0(x) Install w/ Bind 9

keywords: Empty Root, Security Domain, Peer Domains, Global

after a long drawn out hack, cisco's TME group discovered a few new bugs in the Unity 4.02 installers. DDNS and SRV records are not needed as described. i now have a Unity 4.02 environment w/ Bind9 and no dynamic updates. if you have questions concerning this and you have exhausted your resources @ w/ tac please feel free to email me.

Brandon Grace <-- is a real address

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