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Unity 4.01 Installation Problems

I have installed Cisco Unity 4.01 following the "Cisco Unity Installation Guide (

With Microsoft Exchange)" to the letter and have come across a problem after adding my first subscriber. The subscriber user was imported from Exchange. I configured the system to allow this.

The problem I get is that when I dial into the voice mail system from that subscriber's extension I get the prompt to enter the password. I enter 12345 and select #. The system then generates an error message "Sorry this system is temporarily unable to complete your call, please call again later." To identify whether this is a password issue, I have entered an incorrect password. I get the following message "Sorry that is not a valid entry."

There are no problems with adding the subscriber, so I assume the integration between Unity and Exchange is fine.

Does anyone know what this error may be related to?

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Re: Unity 4.01 Installation Problems


After you have correctly typed your password it checks in Exchange to see if your subscriber has new messages and it looks like it's failing at this point. (you get generic failsafe greeting). What is being seen in the event viewer? Also please provide us with some more info is this is eg UM or VM, if Exchange is offbox, ...


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Re: Unity 4.01 Installation Problems

First some information about the setup. Unity install is Unified Messaging running on a separate server. We are running Exchange 2000 on a separate server. Integration is with a Call Manager 3.3(2) Server.

When this message is received the following appears in the Event Viewer application log:

Source: CiscoUnity_ConvSubscrit

Category: Error

Event ID: 119

An unexpected error has occured while a subscriber is on the phone with Unity. This can potentially result in the subscriber hearing the failsafe conversation. Technical details are - IAvDohMailUser::Get(AVP_MAIL_SERVER) returned [0x8004010f] on line 249 of file e:\views\cs_ue4.0.0.280\un_Conv1\AvConvSubscriber\AvConvSubSignInSvr\AvSCheckIfExchangeDown.cpp. For more information, click:

...and also

Source: CiscoUnity_ConvMsg

Category: (9)

Event ID: 10001

Running conversation SubSignIn on Port 1

Caller's ID from NamedProps : 7300

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Re: Unity 4.01 Installation Problems


If you go to that user in the SA page what is the alias and the exchange server that we are pointing to? What accounts are we using for all the Cisco Unity related services (eg: avcsmgr).

The actual error message 0x8004010f means "Something wasn't found, such as an item or property". We should be looking into this direction as well. Can you try to add a users from the SA as well without importing him/her and see if we have the same problem?


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