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Unity 4.01 Self-Enrollment

Have installed Unity 4.01. Subscribers enrol into system. The default subscriber template has the "Set subscriber for self-enrollment at next login" checked. When a new subscriber first accesses the system, they are prompted to setup their Unity account. The next time that the subscriber attempts to access Unity, they are once again prompted to setup their Unity account. ie. they do not go straight through to their mailbox.

According to the help screen, this setting will be unchecked automatically following enrolment. Is this a system bug with Unity 4.01?

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Re: Unity 4.01 Self-Enrollment


Are they going trough the entire setup of the mailbox or do they hangup before finishing? If you check their subscriber settings in SA are they still flagged to do enrollment? Can you reproduce the issue?

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Re: Unity 4.01 Self-Enrollment

Make absolutely sure they have finished enrollment. When you are done, the helpful Unity lady will say "Thank you, you have finished enrollment." or something to that effect, and then you will be in the normal subscriber dialog where it tells you how many messages you have. If you hang up before this, you never finished, and you will be sent back into enrollment again the next time you call.

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Re: Unity 4.01 Self-Enrollment

The self enrollment process gets to a point where a number of questions are asked such as "what is your name?". Ths is following the initial greeting setup. Following this series of questions I do not get any notification indicating that enrollment is finished. If I look at the self enrollment field for the particular subscriber, it is still checked.

What you are suggesting appears to be the cause of the problem, ie. the self enrollment is never finished and therefore the subscriber is forced into the process each time they access Unity. However, I have run through all the prompts during the enrollment process.

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