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Unity 4.02 and call transferring

i have built a callhandler for outside people to call. it says if you know your parties extension you may dial it now.

when i dial the extension it goes straight to Voicemail rather than ringing the subscriber's extension. this is happening to all extensions.

i've checked subscriber settings that say ring subscribers extension.

in the callhandler setting for transfer incoming calls what should it be set to?

I get this error message in event viewer:

Alternate contact rule not active for (subcribers name)on line 765 in file e:\views\unity4.01.55\un_conv2\avconvphonehandler\avconPHtransfer\avsloadinfo.cpp

any ideas as to why this is not working?

Community Member

Re: Unity 4.02 and call transferring

i ran dbwalker but that did not fix it.

i read release notes for 4.02 and found it.

you need to click on ring subscribers ext at ----- and input extension and save and then go back and click ring subscribers ext

Community Member

Re: Unity 4.02 and call transferring

I am running Unity 4.03 and have the same problem. Under Call Transfer. We have Yes, ring subscriber's extension selected. the extension showes up next to this option. But, when in Unity and dialing the extension it goes to the subscribers greeting instead of thier extension. How do we fix this.

Are you saying that I have to go to every mail box and put the extension in and save then re-select ring subscriber at ext. even though the extension is there?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.02 and call transferring

another option as opposed to manually doing this in the SA to force the value to be correct behind the scenes is to try BulkEdit. Try this with one subscriber having problems and see if it clears it.

Run BulkEdit and select a subscriber (just do one to see if this works properly).

On the transfer tab for the "select subscriber changes panel" set to enable the transfer, set it to release or supervised, stick in the rings to wait (for supervised transfers) and choose the checkbox "set transfer number to be subscriber's extension" - the busy/announce/etc... stuff at the bottom can be left alone if you want.

Select next and apply the change.

Now make a test call for that user and see if you can transfer properly - if so, you can do that for everyone (if you need to get funky with the user selection here you can do it with a custom SQL query - let me know and I can help you with that).

If it doesn't work, we'll want to take a look at the settings for the contact rule for that subscriber in the database and go from there to see if maybe you're getting bit by a different issue here.

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