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New Member

Unity 4.02 Fails


I have just installed Unity 4.02 VM only with exchange 2000 on the Unity Box in its own ADdomain. The install went fine until I ran the Unity Message store configuration wizard. I get the following message

"Failure encountered while sycronizing the SQL database with the mail store


Below is the latest SQL log file

Thu Jun 12 09:48:34.765 ***** \DbSync.cpp (line 237)

Thu Jun 12 09:48:34.765 CDbSync::SyncCommit Called. ulSyncItems: 0x80000ff \DbSync.cpp (line 238)

Thu Jun 12 09:48:34.765 Entering Initialize \ConnectorClientBase.cpp (line 49)

Thu Jun 12 09:48:34.796 Failed CoCreating IID_IAvDSAdmin {AvDsAD.AvDsAD.1} Exiting Function. 0x8007042d \ConnectorClientBase.cpp (line 75)

Thu Jun 12 09:48:34.796 Failed to initlalize DbSync. 0x8007042d \DbSync.cpp (line 246)

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.02 Fails

Looks like what we call the SQL synker couldn't start the AvDSAD service. Make sure the password for the AvDSAD service is correct.

0X8007042d means "The service did not start due to a logon failure. "

New Member

Re: Unity 4.02 Fails

Confirmed the service won't start, It is configured to use the UnityAdmin account. I reset the password and the service still fails to start.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.02 Fails

I'd reset the password on the AD account and on the services control panel applet. That failure is coming from Windows, not Unity. When you try to change the password in the services control panel applet, does it let you? What shows up in the system log when you try to start the service (Windows should throw something in there).

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