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Unity 4.03 Add Subscriber Problem

We previously installed Unity 4.03 for pre-production testing.

In the test environment, we add three subscribers(for example: aaa, bbb, ccc) from Exchange 2K server.

After days of testing and smooth operation, we cleanup the same server completely to rebuild.

We installed Unity by following the Installation Guide and done same steps as before.

After steps were over, we were going to add subscribers to verify the installaion were completed,

we got into problem.

The fact was, in the Subscriber page, as we clicked "+" icon to add a new subscriber "aaa" pull from Exchange server,

we cannot see the subscriber "aaa" listed even we search "*" to find him.

In the scenario, not only "aaa", but "bbb" and "ccc" hit the same problem.

Except "aaa" "bbb" "ccc", all other people could be normally shown and added.

And "aaa" "bbb" "ccc" were normally shown in AD.

But if we clicked "O-" icon to "Search all Unity servers" in the Subscriber page,

"aaa" "bbb" and "ccc" diplayed with subscribers on another shutdowned Unity server at another location.

Then we clicked "aaa", it would show something like "Object has been deleted", also "bbb" and "ccc".

Finally, we found the three subscribers in GlobalSubcriber table in SQL UnityDB, then we deleted the three entries.

And, the three guys disappeared forever, we cannot see them forever.

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Re: Unity 4.03 Add Subscriber Problem


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