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Unity 4.03 Faiover AD

My customer is going to have Unity fail over (Voice Messaging Only) and MS Exchange cluster. As of now we have not decided about the DC. The customers is asking about joining the Exchange and Unity servers to the Enterprise DC(Existing DC) and use it as an AD for Unity. The customer point of view is to have the existing windows accounts linked with the unity subscriber. I would like to know is this feasible way to do it?


Re: Unity 4.03 Faiover AD

Yes that is OK but they need to make sure that the Exchange mailboxes used by Unity are exclusive to Unity unless they have paid for UM which it sounds like they have not. As far as I know there is no way to have 1 AD account own 2 mailboxes with Exchange 2000/2003. So if they are using Exchange for their email system they will need to have a secondary AD user and mailbox for each Unity subscriber.

If that is the route they are going to go they probably want to make and OU for the Unity subscribers and then choose to hide them from the GAL.

Hope this helps...


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Re: Unity 4.03 Faiover AD

Thanks for the information. Is it a recommended setup? Are there any concerns while doing this? Actually they don’t have any exchange servers in there AD, they have lotus Domino Servers. And they are going to have Voice Mail only, so while adding the subscribers in Unity for the users having accounts already what precautions do I need to take.


Re: Unity 4.03 Faiover AD

Usually people only do this if they think they will be moving to UM at some point in time. For your customer they would need to move to Exchange 2000/2003 first and then to UM. Even if they aren’t going to go to UM it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the customer has a well managed, highly available and backed-up AD. If they don't or they move people around without updating permissions, delete Unity objects not understanding what they do and so on it can end up being a support nightmare. Also keep in mind that Cisco is not going to support the AD infrastructure since we didn’t provide it to them.

Ultimately you need to gage the customer and make a judgment call.

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