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Unity 4.03 New Server : web/sa gives unable to access fqdn from remote acce

I just installed a new unity 4.03 server

and I cannot access the web/sa pages from another

computer. I can only properly access the web/sa pages from the server itself

I am not running ssl

when i access web/sa from another computer , it logs me in, but when I try to access a subscriber page

it says that it cannot resolve the FQDN

i an accessing the pages via ip address

New Member

Re: Unity 4.03 New Server : web/sa gives unable to access fqdn f

It appears to be a known defect that was introduced with the upgrade to 4.03.

See this thread:

I was able to resolve the issue somewhat in my installation by properly configuring my server name / domain name in our DNS server.

It seems that even if you launch SA via the IP address, some of the internal links, etc. within the application refer to the unity server name... instead of keeping the IP address.

The DNS entry did it for me... however even with the DNS properly configured you will occasionally be asked to re-authenticate... and eventually get other errors.

Lastly.... another issue that comes up is whenever you select a different function (e.g. from the subscriber page you click the lookup icon... it opens a new window... then if you select a subscriber from the Find window... ( it opens in new window instead of the existing window instance. Eventually everything gets messed up and I have to close all windows... re-open SA again and I can work until is messes up again.

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