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Unity 4.0m Voicemail Only Email Access

If I have Unity 4.0, purchased a Voicemail Only license and my message store is offbox and that message store (Exchange) is my production email server, will my users be able to retrieve voicemail using their outlook client and play the attached wave file?

If not, then if I buy 5 license upgrades for Unified Messaging, does this mean only 5 users (at a time)out of let's say 50 can access voicemail thru email?



Re: Unity 4.0m Voicemail Only Email Access

No they will not be able to access with Outlook. You need Unified messaging. No it is not concurrent, when you set up the licence you apply it to the user in Unity. You would need 50 licences for all to use Outlook.


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Re: Unity 4.0m Voicemail Only Email Access

Thanks for the quick reply. As a followup, somebody told me that they can get around this licensing issue by using Viewmail for Outlook...Meaning, without buying UM license, and buying Viewmail license instead, users can check VM using the viewmail plugin. I know this is probably not possible but it's coming from a Cisco Sales guy so kinda made me think...we're up quoting against Nortel and Avaya and would like to bring the cost down as much as possible...

Re: Unity 4.0m Voicemail Only Email Access

The concept of "Unified Messaging" is simply a licensing concept. There's nothing stopping you, technically, from attaching Outlook Clients to your Exchange Data Store. However, Cisco's license forbids that -- even if you have the necessary Microsoft CALs to permit it.

ViewMail for Outlook is simply an Outlook form which embeds MediaMaster, which gives you a few other options such as playback speed, the ability to push the audio to a phone, etc. This concept only applies to UM deployments, since an Outlook client should only touch Exchange in those instances. There is nothing you could do to "work around" the licensing using VMO.

Perhaps the Cisco AM is thinking of VMI, or Unity Inbox. I've seen this product mistakenly pushed as "poor man's UM" a number of times, but this is a misnomer. Unity Inbox is simply web access to the Exchange Data Store -- it can also be configured to email you (with a link to Unity Inbox) when a message is received, but this is still not truly unified since it's not a single message store.

Last point, you can't have some users on a Unity server be UM and some VM; it's all or nothing, on a per-server basis. Once again, this is purely a licensing restriction.

Buy the full Cisco Unity UM; you won't be let down.

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