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New Member

Unity 4.2.1 Bulk Edit Error

Hi there,

I just recently upgraded my Unity Voicemail Only server from 3.1.3 to 4.2.1.

Everything is working correctly, but I have one issue.

Normally, I use the Bulk Edit tool to set a Subscriber's voicemail to loopback to self on an Error during a Subscriber's greeting, so that if a caller starts randomly entering digits during the greeting and the digits entered do not match anything, the Subscriber's greeting just replays rather than the caller getting thrown out to the default Unity Greeting ('Cisco Unity Messsaging System, from a touch tone phone...).

Since the upgrade, I am getting the following error when I use Bulk Edit to try and set 'loopback to self' on an Error on the Bulk Edit Greetings tab:




Updating transfer rule: Alternate

Updating transfer rule: Off Hours

Updating transfer rule: Standard

Standard Messaging Rule

Off Hours Messaging Rule

Busy Messaging Rule

Alternate Messaging Rule

Internal Messaging Rule

Error Messaging Rule

Menu entry: 0

Menu entry: 1

Menu entry: 2

Menu entry: 3

Menu entry: 4

Menu entry: 5

Menu entry: 6

Menu entry: 7

Menu entry: 8

Menu entry: 9

Menu entry: *

Menu entry: #

Edits for Error greeting:

After greeting action value set to: 2

After greeting action conversation name set to:PHGreeting

After greeting action destination object id={13B581E1-F458-404C-9517-EBE1C002B935}

(error) this subscriber is missing notification devices! This is a serious error, you shoudl contact TAC.

I downloaded the most recent version of dBWalker and it runs clear, I took care of all of the errors and warnings it listed, but I still get the errors when I run the Bulk Edit utility.

It appears that all of the greetings are in place for these Subscribers, that all of the Subscriber's greetings are set to take a message after the greeting, so I am not really sure what this error is.

It does not appear to be effecting the Unity system's performance yet, but I am worried that this error indicitive of other issues.

If anyone has any insight in tot this error and would let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!!



Re: Unity 4.2.1 Bulk Edit Error

Hi Heather,

I've taken a look at the "(error) this subscriber is missing notification devices!" error

There's a bugID which matches up with the error you are seeing which relates to the SMS entry for notifications not being added to the NotificationDevice table which results in the same error and the resolution there was a customized SQL query to insert the required rows. We'll need to gather more information in order to confirm if

this is the same issue (and to build the custom query)

For your reference the bugID is;

CSCed64238 - SMS entry is not added to SQL table for existing user after upgrade

Please run SQL Query Analyzer, select the UnityDb and run following query:

SELECT subscriberobjectid, alias, subscribertype from subscriber

Then copy the output and insert it into an Excel spreadsheet and send that to me.

Using this data, we will then build the SQL query that you will have to execute to get all

the rows inserted so that you no longer get the BulkEdit error...

gogasca at cisco dot com



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