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Unity 4.X and automatic holiday greetings

Is it possible to have the holiday (alternate?) greeting kick in automatically on the programmed holidays or do you still have to manually set the alternate greeting?

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Re: Unity 4.X and automatic holiday greetings

Here's a tech tip that talks about how to configure Unity to kick into the holiday greeting you have setup automatically when the holiday comes around:

There's a similar technique outlines in the "Audiotext applications in Unity" doc on the Documents page of which can also be used.

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Re: Unity 4.X and automatic holiday greetings

Thanks for the techtip. Hopefully this will be easier in future releases? I think things are pretty much setup with the exception of a few things. When I dial the OG during afterhours, I get the message "OpeningGreeting is busy or does not answer" and then the proper afterhours greeting plays. When I change the UnityServer date/time to a holiday, I get OpeningGreeting is busy or does not answer, the extension requested is not available" and then the proper holiday greeting plays. Any ideas how go get rid of those messages?

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Re: Unity 4.X and automatic holiday greetings

Normally the greeting you mention is constructed by Unity when a custom one is not recorded for the active greeting on the handler in question (i.e. the opening greeting in this case) - I'm not sure how you have your call routing/handler links laid out so I can't really speculate much beyond that - Unity isn't going to play a system greeting and then also play a custom greeting for the same handler so I'm guessing the after greeting action on the opening greeting is going to another handler which is playing the greeting you want. I suspect you need to force the after hours greeting to be the "blank" radio button so it falls straight through but that's just a guess at this point.

Yes, at some point we'll circle back around to specific holiday greetings (and vacation greetings for subscribers that expire on a given date automatically and a few other related items) - just a lot of stuff on the queue and not enough bodies to cover it all. Your best bet is to ask your account team to stick a PERS request in for this so the product folks prioritize the work higher.

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