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Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

I have searched the forums and have come up with nothing about the problem I am having. There were a couple topics that showed promise with links attatched but the links are no longer valid. I have CUCM and have followed the documents as to setting the voicemail ports etc. I had a TAC case opened on a different issue with Unity and the TAC engineer made mention to me that we would have MWI issues if the latest service pack was not installed on Exchange, since we did have intermittent issues with the MWI's we upgraded the Exchange clusters and are still having the issue. The issue being that MWI's are not turning on and off correctly all the time, I have to manually refresh the MWI indicators through the SA, when I do this I receive an email that states

Event Type:        Error

Event Source:      CiscoUnity_MALEx

Event Category:    Error

Event ID:          30020

Date:              2009/12/10

Time:              09:14:40

User:              N/A

Computer:          UNITY1


An attempt to create a search-result folder for account cn=KITTLERK,cn=Recipients,ou=MDUResources,o=MDURES has failed.  The MAPI subsystem returned the following error: 80004005.

This is typically an indication of configuration issues with Unity, Exchange, or the MAPI subsystem.

Notes:             All Cisco Unity Errors

I have gone as far as restarting the Unity process every night and scheduling a resync every night on the MWI's to no avail. Is anyone else having this issue? I have the same issue on all 3 of my clusters and it all started once we went from Unity 4 and CCM 4 to Unity 7 and CUCM 7. Any help is appreciated.


New Member

Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

Hi Tracy

I am having the same issue with the same error code. If you found the solution to your issue, please share. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

I found out that our exchange guys had Symantec installed on their servers and the firewall was turned on. Since then they have disabled the firewall and I have set Unity to resync in the early morning every day. So far after 3 days I have not run into the issue again crosses fingers. The MWI's are UDP messages sent on random ports 1024 and up. Cisco says that usually there is some type of IPS or firewall that blocks the MWI's from acting appropriately. I was also noticing in the event log that one of the message stores was going offline frequently and it just so happens that the majority of users having this problem were tied to that particular message store. After further reading, if a message store goes offline and Unity tries to log into a subscribers mail box to set the MWI and it cannot reach the message store, Unity will not try to log back into that users mailbox again to set the MWI even if the message store has come back online. Also, verify that exchange is on one of the latest rev's or updates, Cisco said if its not you will have MWI issues due to that fact as well. I hope this helps you and am hoping it helps me too. If I run into issues again I will post saying this didn’t work, but I have been without error for 3 days now.

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Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

Since ours was a new site and it had virus problems, i reinstalled unity. But recently Symantic anti virus was installed in the server, so that could have been the issue. Thanks for the reply. We will monitor it too if this is happening again.


Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

hello Tracey,

yeah we have the same issue here also. I have a TAC open for this, as we have tried all of the same steps and patched to the latest Unity ES32 also.

Did you get anywhere further with this?

Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

I still have my fingers crossed as I have not had the issue for a solid week now, when we would get three to four calls a day about them. All I did was scheduled a resync once a day of the MWI's and turned off the firewalls on the exchange servers while leaving antivirus alone. If I run into these problems again I will post again saying it did not work.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

In order to solve the search folders problem, you would have to do the following

    1. Open a CMD window.
    2. Execute the Run-As command and log in with the credentials of the account the Cisco Unity messaging services are running under, i.e.

      RUNAS /user:"Domain"\"Cisco Unity Messaging Account"

      - Domain: Active directory domain the Cisco Unity server is part of.
      - Cisco Unity Messaging Account: Name of the messaging account under which the Cisco Unity services run under.

    3. From the CMD window switch to the folder where the contents of this non-Cisco Unity patch were extracted.

    4. Enter the following at the command line:

      MBXClean.exe -r -s -i "input filename"


      a.  "input filename" is a text file listing all subscribers aliases, one on  each line. With the above command line, MBXClean will remove the search  folders for all the subscribers listed in the "input filename".

      b. A list of subscribers with which to populate the "input filename" can be generated as follows:

      - From the Start menu, go to All Programs, then Microsoft SQL Server and select SQL Query Analyzer
      - In the query window enter

      use UnityDB
      select uid from Subscriber where SubscriberType = 1

      This will generate a table of Subscribers for which to populate the "input filename".
  1. Restart Cisco Unity. Search folders for a subscriber are rebuilt the next time they log into their mailbox.

Note: You may have to contact TAC for obtaining MBXClean.exe

Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

I just tried to run your command line, and it failed.  I realized fairly quickly that you are telling the runas command to run a program, and a new command window is wwhat you need.

    RUNAS /user:"Domain"\"Cisco Unity Messaging Account" cmd
    Anthony Holloway

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    Cisco Employee

    Re: Unity 7.0(2) MWI issues

    I am sorry. Yes. You would need to open a command prompt using the message store service account.

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