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Unity Account Creation

We have a Unity Enterprise 2.4 that will not allow multiple or individual import of Exchange accounts or creation of accounts within Unity. Though no error log is generated, we receive "unexpected error..." on the adds within unity or import of a single mailbox. We receive a run-time error on a multiple mailbox multiple import. The system, initially, did all without problem. This is, by the way, an Exchange Server 5.5 under NT 4.0 in an existing Exchange site, and the Unity server and the "home" server are in the same NT domain and were installed with the same account. Is this a known issue with a known fix??<br><br><br>


Re: Unity Account Creation

If I had to guess with the information I have here I'd say you're having a rights issue of some sort. I see this from time to time... an IS type person will inadvertently remove a right or two from our Nt/Exchange account used to start the AV services which, in turn, causes Exchange and or NT to deny our requests for modifying or adding users.

Normally, however, you can import existing users, more often I see folks not able to create new users (i.e. they removed the "domain admins" association from our account).

The other thing to check is to take a look at the subscriber template you're using... in particular make sure the distribution lists you're asking us to add the user to exist in the system.

Of course, as always, you should report these problems to our support folks who will want to look at the event log errors and diagnostics generated when the add/import subscriber fails that should point to some more specific reasons for why they're failing to import.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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