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Unity Admin (denies access by all)

Our unity box had to be restarted today due to slowness. Everything is working fine now, except no one can access the Unity Administrator, including the Unity box. The error message in the Event Viewer states: Gateway FindCsComponents failed [, 0x80070005] (caller is denied access). <br><br>


Re: Unity Admin (denies access by all)

If this is the same site that callled into support today, this turned out to be a fairly straight forward configuration issue that wasn't obvious when you looked at it. If it's the site I'm thinking of, the tray icon was also showing that Unity was "down" (i.e. a red X instead of a green check mark was on the icon). Unity, however, was taking calls and was clearly up.

One big clue was that other applications (such as the integration monitor) were also reporting that Unity was down or were simply failing to run properly because they couldn't connect. That was odd. After banging my head on it for a bit, this turned out to be a situation where the AV services were setup to initalize in the wrong order. AvCsMgr was set to "automatic" and "AvCsGateway" was set to "manual".

AvCsGateway always needs to be set to automatic (unless you're testing and you don't want Unity to come up then we sometimes temporarily set it to "disabled"). When the box is rebooted, the gateway should start right away such that when the tray icon (or any other external application looking to hook up to Unity) gets a proper connection. AvCsMgr is started by the gateway and politely waits for Exchange to come up before starting it's thing. After Exchange comes up THEN you'll see the tray icon go to a green up arrow and we begin our own startup process.

What was happening is that the gateway didn't start until AvCsMgr started initalizing after Exchange came up. The tray icon attempted to connect, failed and so it sat there in it's default "disconnected" state and never changed since it had no "live" connection. If you kill the tray icon and reload it, it would come up fine with the right state and everything was cool.

So... long story short, be sure to have AvCsGateway set to automatic all the time...

If this is a different site, please contact our support folks so we can call in and figure out what's going on with your system. I can't tell what might be causing problems like this without being able to do some proper troubleshooting.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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