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unity administrator console

We successfully upgraded unity 2.46 to unity 3.15. but we found when we access unity console it asks me to select one of the accounts to log on, one is ntadmin(which is the one we prefer), the other is unity installer account. How can I delete the unity installer account here so that I can access unity console without being asked to select account?

Cisco Employee

Re: unity administrator console

This problem comes up due to a logic flaw at the end of the Unity setup that adds another entry to the SID history table for the installation account to make sure it has SA access even if they're not a subscriber - if, however, that account is also a Unity subscriber with SA access you'll be presented with the list you describe.

This post describes how to remove the 2nd association to get rid of it:

Community Member

Re: unity administrator console

Hi Jeff

I couldn't find SQL Query analyzer on the unity server. Is this because the SQL I installed is MSDE database? I went into another customer's untiy server, I only see Client Network utility, configure SQL XML support, ENterprise manager,Import data and export data.


Cisco Employee

Re: unity administrator console

yeah, MSDE doesn't include the SQL Query Analyzer by default - you're allowed to install it as per our licensing agreement with Microsoft (you can install the tools off the full SQL server CD) - or you can use the OSQL command line interface to do the same query/updates.

However, this has come up often enough that I should probably write a little GUI application that gives users a graphical view of which mappings are currently in effect and let folks edit them directly instead of requiring they jump through SQL hoops... I'll work on this tomorrow and see if I can bang something out for it this week.

Cisco Employee

Re: unity administrator console

Follow up to this - I completed the new "Unity Credentials Map" tool that provides an easy to use GUI interface for seeing what all the mappings between AD account's to Unity accounts for the purposes of allowing access to the SA/AA web interfaces.

You can see all the mappings (unlike GrantUnityAccess which filters out the mappings) and allows you to remove ones you need to... there's a few other bells and whistles in there but that's mostly what it's for.

It's in QA's hands right now so I wont post it to until they're done with it - if you want to get a copy to kick around, email me directly at and I'll send it your way.

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