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Unity and AD Site issue

We have 6 Unity servers spread out in a hub-n-spoke WAN under a single OU for the customer. AD is live, and each Unity server is a DC/GC combo for their site. The plan is to put each DC/GC in their own site, but since Unity is already up and running, we wanted to know if moving the server into a new Site would break any AD or Unity communications.

Unity is version 4.0.1 at 5 remotes, 3.1.4 at the hub, WIndows2K is patched to Cisco standards as of a montha ago.

Any ramifications, gotchas, or pointers on this thought? TIA


Re: Unity and AD Site issue

There won’t be any issues with this as far as Unity is concerned. You might want to double check each Unity server to make sure it is pointing at its local DC/GC. This doc has the details on where to check that and how to change it if not:

If you do change it make sure to open Doh Prop Test and do a full re-synch for the DC and GC.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Unity and AD Site issue

Any ideas when Unity will be able to Auto-Sense when a GC goes down, as opposed to changing the registry. I know the BU is waiting on Microsoft for this fix, just wanted to see if there was an update?

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Re: Unity and AD Site issue

There's two different uses of the GC in two different portions of the registry. One GC setting is used for the AvDsGlobalCatalog service for the configuration of the directory server Unity will use to sync SQL with the GC. That "rediscovery" is under the control of Cisco and was slated for 4.0.3. The second is in the MAPI profile, and this is not under the control of Cisco. This is the one where Microsoft needs to do the work. We do not have a time frame for that.

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