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unity authentication

I'm running Unity 3.1.3. From a remote browser, I find I am constantly prompted for my ID and password. If I select subscriber and then do a find, I'm prompted, make changes prompted again. I'm told that is the nature of the beast. If so, why don't I have this problem with CM? Does it have to do with active directory security?

Cisco Employee

Re: unity authentication

Unity uses NtLM authentication via IIS, CM does not. if you're coming from an untrusted domain you'll be required to authenticate at least twice (once when you log in and again when the media master control comes up since it uses DCOM).

Unity 4.0 will offer an alternative to NTLM which will help with this - you'll be required to authenticate when you connect up front and after that (for the remainder of the session) you can roam at will.

Community Member

Re: unity authentication

Is there any reason not to just set IIS to use basic auth instead of NTLM, and to specify the correct domain in IIS? We've done that on a test unity system, and have had no problems with it. Obviously the system is behind our firewall and has no external access, so username/pw encryption isn't an issue.

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