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Unity Auto-attendant Fails sending call to ICM route point

We are trying to front-end all calls to the system with the Unity Auto-attendant. if the caller selects a number then the call handler trnasfers the call to an ICM route point (1171), which then sends the call to a translation roue to the IPIVR (2341).

We monitor the call with ICM tools and see that the call fails out fo the translation route (fast busy or constant ringing).

On the IP phone we can see that the number displayed is the 2341, so we know that the call is getting transfered from Unity.

Currently the transfer from Unity is set as release to switch.

We have seen this at a couple sites.

Site 1) CCM 3.1.2(c), Unity 3.1.3, ICM 4.6.1

Site 2) CCM 3.1.4(b), Unity 3.1.3, ICM 4.6.2

From a regular IP phone calling the ICM route point (1171), everything works.

Thought for resolution or furthur troubleshooting


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Auto-attendant Fails sending call to ICM route point

You could try temporarily taking Unity out of the picture, and instead direct the caller that normally was attempted to transfer out of Unity's AA to the ICM route to an IP phone in the same CSS as the Unity ports. Answer the call from that IP phone and then press the transfer key, dial 1171, press the transfer key again, and then hangup. More or less, that's what Unity will do on a release transfer (it won't stick around too long after 1171 "answers").

You had mentioned that calling the ICM route from an IP phone works, but try transferring to the ICM route with an IP phone. It could be that the behavior is different between a transfer and a direct call.

If the transfer can be done manually from an IP phone exactly in this manner, we can try to "slow things down" on that Unity transfer. Instead of having it transfer to "1171" have it transfer to "1171," (make sure that comma is there). If that works, there's a more elegant way of handling this rather than slamming commas around everywhere.

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