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Unity backup server

I was reading about setting up a second Unity server for backup in Unity 2.4.6 Release Notes. <br><br>1. Is this backup Unity server an automatic, immediate failover when the primary Unity server goes down for some reason?<br><br>2. Can I setup a unity backup server for Unity 3.x?<br><br>3. How many Unity backup servers can you have? Or is the limit one primary & just a second Unity server for backup?<br><br>4. For Unity 3.x, if the primary Unity server is in an existing Exchange site & all messages are stored on other existing Exchange servers, can a backup Unity server be created & join the exisiting site? <br><br>5. For Unity 3.x, can a backup Unity server be created if the Primary Unity server was not part of an existing Exchange site? What about a voicemail Only server?<br><br>Sorry there are so many questions, but we have a potential client asking these questions of us (my company is a cisco partner).<br><br>Thanks in advance,<br><br>Kimberly<br><br><br><br>

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Re: Unity backup server

1) Yes. The failover Unity system is always running.
2) Unity 3.0(1) did not have failover. It is supposed to be released with Unity 3.1. But if you are really requiring ways to upgrade folks that have failover in 2.4.6, to Unity 3.0(x), then please talk to a friendly Cisco SE about options.
3) You can have more than one Primary in your network. Each primary can have one secondary.
4) Yes, in Unity 3.1 that is exaclty how it will work. To have real failover, it is required that all the mailboxes be stored off the Unity server. This ensures that folks can get to all their mails even when the secondary takes over.
5) I do not sure what the policy will be for VoiceMail only systems. But even there, the Exchange mailboxes will need to be off Unity, both Primary and secondary. And they will all have to be in the same site.

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems

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