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Unity Bridge and Exchange 2000

I have a 400 user customer that is currently Unified Messaging on Exchange 5.5. They want to be able to network between unity and Octel. They can't do this because of the AD and E2K limitation with the Unity Bridge. The customer needs to have networking available for transfers to users on the octel system.

I am wondering what my options are:

1. If I convert them to Unity VMO, I would need E2K and AD. Does Cisco support Unity VMO, the bridge, E2K, and AD all on the same server? Just need some clarification on that.

2.) If I approach this at a different angle and keep the customer on Unity 3.15 with Unified Messaging (Exchange 5.5). I could possibly network the Unity server and Octel server via AMIS. I have heard some bad things about the AMIS option (doesn't work very well).

3.) If the customer has multiple Octel voice mail servers and you want to utilize AMIS for networking, would you need to provide and AMIS connection to all the Octel servers, or just one (I believe just one is needed for the Unity Bridge)



Re: Unity Bridge and Exchange 2000


1. The Bridge has to be installed on a separate, dedicated server. It cannot be

on the same server as Unity. And although E2K can be installed on the Unity

server for a voice-mail only install, that means you'll have to install the Voice

Connector on the Unity box. This is supported, but for performance reasons,

we generally recommend to install the Voice Connector on an E2K server

other than the Unity server.

2. AMIS does have some limitations that the Bridge doesn't have. For a comparison, take a look at:

3. You would need to set up AMIS between Unity and all the Octel servers.

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Re: Unity Bridge and Exchange 2000

also on #3, you need to set up communication between the Cisco Unity Bridge and all Octel servers, just as you have to set up AMIS communication with all Octel servers. Octel Analog Networking is a point to point protocol where each node must be configured to communicate with all other nodes.

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