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Unity Call Routing Rules


I am trying to set up a call routing rule in Unity and I have been rather unsuccessful. Let me explain the situation.

There is an operator phone that does not have voice mail. Her extension, 2100, rings indefinitely, rolling over to additional lines during the day. She is reached by dialing 0 off of the menu for that location. After hours when 0 is pressed it is set up to go to a call handler which dumps into a bogus mail box so that people can leave messages after hours for the 2100 extension. However, if they dial 2100 off of the main menu it will release to Call Manager and start ringing her extension. They do not want to have to press call forward all at the end of the night so I am trying for a workaround. I created a call routing rule where the dialed number is 2100 and it goes to the after hours call handler. This is not working. When you call into Unity and dial 2100 during the off hours it still releases to CCM and rings the extension. Am I setting this up correctly? Am I mistaken in how the call routing rules work? I really need to get this working so any available help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Unity Call Routing Rules

Is your call routing rule you set up a directed call or forwarded call. Also, if they don't want to forward the phone @ the end of the night, have you considered web attendant?

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Re: Unity Call Routing Rules

I have it set up as both direct and forward just to cover the bases. I dont think that they want to use web attendant because there are 4-5 people that have the 2100 extension on their phones.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Call Routing Rules

call routing rules only get used when the call first enters the system. So if there's a subscriber (or call handler) that has 2100 as their transfer string during an active schedule, it'll try to go to that extension. So it sounds like your main greeting has the option checked to allow people to dial a subscriber's extension and there is a subscriber with 2100 as their extension that is set to transfer out.

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