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Unity-Callmanager strangeness. Is this a known bug? I couldn't find it...

Version Info...

Unity 3.1 Build 3.1.5

CallManager 3.3(2)spC

Unity-CM TSP 7.0(2)

OK, so Caller A logs into Unity. While Caller A is listening to his messages in Unity, Caller B calls Caller A. Caller A decides to take the call, but instead of hanging up with Unity, Caller A simply switches over to the line that Caller B is calling on. This places Unity on hold. Unity waits patiently for an input, but after 45 to 60 seconds decides to transfer the line to the default Operator. However, Unity grabs the line that Caller A is on with Caller B, puts Caller B on hold and transfers Caller A to the default Operator. The connection is established for about 5 seconds and then promptly drops confusing both the Operator and Caller A.

What could be going on here? It only seemed to start happening after we upgraded to CCM3.3(2) a few weeks ago.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity-Callmanager strangeness. Is this a known bug? I couldn

That is interesting. Unity (AvSkinnyTsp, actually) was changed so that it would not transfer a call when it had been put on hold. This was addressed in CSCdw00496. This was done for the exact situation you've described above; it's a very common scenario.

Unity would know that it was on hold because of the Skinny hold tone messages that would be sent to the TSP. It's possible that these messages have changed or aren't showing up.

If you can set all of the AvSkinnyTsp traces (without the KeepAlives), reproduce the problem, and send me those traces (don't post them here, they'll be too big), I can take a look. Following the description above, if you could provide the extension numbers for Caller A,B and C, that would be great.

Send those traces to I won't be in the office for a hour or so, but I'll look for them when I get in.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity-Callmanager strangeness. Is this a known bug? I couldn

I took a look at the traces.

The basic problem is that Unity isn't receiving and indication that it has been put on hold. The next step is figure out why CCM is not sending the on-hold indication to Unity.

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