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Unity/CM third party support

I have a question in reference to third party support with both UNITY and CM. When looking through the release notes and product documentation for both UNITY and CallManager there is a list of 3rd party hardware and software support. SMDI amd VPIM are both standards however UNITY and CM do not support all 3rd parties VPIM and SMDI solutions. As it stands now through reading the latest support documentation it apppears that the following 3rd party voicemail solutions are supported using VPIm and UNITY 4.0

Mitel/Baypoint NuPoint Messenger (formerly known as Centigram Series 6)

Nortel Meridian Mail with Meridian Mail Net Gateway

Nortel CallPilot

I have recently integrated CM via SMDI with CallExpress by Captaris and it was blessed by Cisco and yet it is not on the SMDI support list. Is there definitive list as to what 3rd party companies are supported? I would like to network UNITY 4.0 using VPIM to Siemens Phonemail is this supported or do I have to use AMIS? Were is the list of SMDI supported voicemails with CM?


Re: Unity/CM third party support

Although VPIM is a standards based protocol different vendors can interoperate the standard differently and many attempt to extend the format of their messages with data which is not defined in the RFC. Without testing and verifying a solution can actually work we are left to assumptions which historically have caused us issues with deployments. For this reason we don’t support every solution.

SMDI CallManager does support all integrations however. So haven’t found this to be an issue so far.

You might want to work with the Cisco account team to get Siemens Phonemail qualified for VPIM interoperability with Unity...



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Re: Unity/CM third party support

Thanks Keith

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