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Unity Connection 7.1 with PIMG to Siemens 300E

I have a 8 port Dialogic PIMG box set up with our CUC 7.1.  The MWIs are very flakey where CUC will try 4-6 times to turn the MWI on/off.  It seems to trigger after the 1st attempt, but it keeps trying which ties up the port for a little bit.  Has anyone seen anything like this?  We've tried several firmware versions for the PIMG box and all seem to do the same thing.  MWI on IP Phones is fine.



Re: Unity Connection 7.1 with PIMG to Siemens 300E

How this works with PIMG/TIMG depends on the type of integration you have.  If you have a digital integration, things can vary vs. a serial integration.  So, first I'd ask - what type of integration do you have and how are the ports configured for MWI?

Secondly, if you have a serial integration then you might consider the following:

With PIMG via serial integration, MWI requests will be handled by the master PIMG and sent to the PBX via an SMDI link, no voice messaging ports are used in the MWI notification process (communication between the PIMG unit and Unity Connection takes place via SIP).  So you would create an additional port group (one for each PIMG integrated with the cluster) for the sole purpose of enabling proper operation of MWI notifications for the

PBX phone system integration.  The port group settings for the MWI port group would be like this:

o    Integration Method: SIP to DMG/PIMG/TIMG

o    SIP Security Profile: 5060

o    SIP Transport Protocol: UDP

o    Enable MWI: Enabled (Checked)

o    SIP MWI Requests: Not port specific

o    Number of Ports: None, SIP MWI requests are not port specific

On the port group for your existing PIMG, you would set Enable MWI to Disabled (unchecked).

Conversely, some PBX integrations require that MWI on/off takes place on the same port.  Otherwise, MWI will fail.  Again, this would depend on the type of integration and the PBX model as well as to whether this is required for you or not.


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Re: Unity Connection 7.1 with PIMG to Siemens 300E

This is a digital integration

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