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I have a customer that has been through many Unity upgrades. Apparently somewhere along the road the conversation prompts have changed when they check their voicemail. Currently when voicemail is checked over the phone, after you press '1' to hear new messages you hear the prompt 'voice messages'. This prompt is present with brief menues and even when the COS doesn't allow TextToSpeach. Is there anyway to take out this prompt and if so can it be done selectively so the TextToSpeach users can still have the option? <br><br>


Re: Unity Conversation

As far as I can remember it's always said this... I only have version 2.4.5 and 2.4.6 at home here but they both sound the same. I can check earlier versions but I'm reasonably sure that's how it was supposed to work since at least 2.3.4 when we revamed the subscriber message retreival conversation.

No, there isn't any way to configure this such that the messgae type doesn't play at the head of each "stack" (i.e. we have stacks for email, fax, and voice messages). Yeah, I now it's odd for a voice mail only configuration to play this. If the entire system is voice mail only you could do something drastic like replace that prompt with blank or something, but if it's a mixed system with some folks having only voice messages and other folks having a UM environement, you're kinda stuck with it.

We do have some nice plans to allow folks to restructure the subscriber message playback order (i.e. decide which messages they want to hear in what order, adjust FIFO/LIFO etc... on a per user basis) and "jump" directly to stacks they want to hear and the like. These didn't quite make the cut for 3.0 but they are being worked on for the next release after that.

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Re: Unity Conversation

OK, Thanks for the info and all the work you put into maintaining this forum.

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