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Unity cuts off callers during message

Hi, I have a client who says that callers are getting disconnected before they leave the entire message (intermittently). I recall some kind of tweak to the sensitivity settings or silence detection, but can't remember where to find it. <br><br>System: Unity 2.3.6, Dialogic D/160SC-LS board.<br><br>Thanks,<br>-Steve<br><br>


Re: Unity cuts off callers during message

Hi Steve.

Yes, you need to lower the dB level that Dialogic considers “silence” which is by default –35 dB I believe. If you set it to something such as –45 or –50 you’ll prevent people from getting cut off when leaving messages. You want to be careful not to set it too low, however, or we wont detect it properly when someone stops talking and wants us to move on.

To do this, open the Dialogic Configuration Manager found under Start | Programs | Dialogic System Software. For each board you see configured, select “configure device” from the “Action” menu. Go to the “Misc” tab and select the “Parameter file” option in the list box there. For the “value” field at the bottom, you can type in a quiet file name in the format “QUIET40.PRM” or “QUIET38.PRM”. Anything from 38 to 50 is legal.

I’d try something like 40 and see if that improves things for you and bump it down a bit at a time if not.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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