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Unity default message prompt

Is there a way to change the cisco default "Please enter your ID" prompt - make it to say "please enter you voice mail number". We use Unity in education environment where all our student have student ID. Unity ID prompt for voicemail is confusing all our users.

Any suggestions?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity default message prompt

you can record a system prompt to say whatever you want - just be aware that upgrades will wipe out the change and you'll have to do it again (all upgrades replace all prompts). Also, TAC doesn't support this - just be careful.

The prompt you want can be found in \commserver\localize\prompts\enu\G711\SusbSignIn\AvSubSignInENU001.wav

the path may change slightly if you have G729a prompts installed or you're dealing with a non US English language.

The easiest way to record the prompt properly is to use TRAP from the Unity SA and just write over the file - you'll probably want to back up that prompt in case you decide to go back.

Community Member

Re: Unity default message prompt

Please pardon my ignorance.

How to use TRAP? I am in Unity SA, i do not see that option.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity default message prompt

TRAP = Telephone Record and Playback. On the SA you'll see the media master (the VCR looking control you use to play greetings/voice names). If you select the little down arrow you can configure the record and playback devices - one of those options is to use your phone as a media device (i.e. instead of a microphone connected to the box). this will result in your phone being dialed and lets you record the greeting/voice name that way - this generally sounds better than most microphones.

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