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Unity--Delete transaction logs through Windows Backup

Believe me...I realize this is not the ideal situation, but it is what I need to deal with. A customer has Unity 3.1.5 with on-box Exchange 2000. There currently is no backup software on this box (I'm thinking of Veritas), so I have been running the DIRT backup approximately once a week----just to have something in case of failure. The customer is aware of the situation and has, thusfar, severely dragged his feet in addressing the backup issue. Here is my problem. The Exchange 2000 transaction logs are building up and I need to begin to think of someway to free up space---I understand that manual deletion is a big no-no.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has opinions on there 2 scenarios.

1) I could enable circular logging to overwrite the logs. My feeling is that it is not being backed up, so if there is a failure they are pretty much dead anyway.(Not a comforting thought!)

I would disable circular logging if/when a backup solution is brought online.

2) I was thinking of trying to use the Windows built in backup to backup the information store and then move the backup off box. My understanding is that this should delete the transaction logs. I would use this more like a utility to remove transaction logs than an actual backup solution. My question would be if this would affect Unity's functionality while the backup was running.

Any opinions are welcome.



Re: Unity--Delete transaction logs through Windows Backup

Either should be fine actually although NTBackup isn't going to be supported by Cisco should you run into an issue. Number 1 will not impact Unity at all. Number 2 might a bit if the store slows down but I doubt it would be anything too noticeable. Just make sure to do it in the evenings.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Unity--Delete transaction logs through Windows Backup


Thank you for your quick response. If no one else has any gotchas regarding enabling circular logging I think that's the direction in which I'll go.


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