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Unity directory services and Unity message store services with exchange2k

I'm connecting my 3.1.5 server to exchange 2000 in a Mixed mode setup with a two way connector.

The install guide specifies that you need two different accounts, one for the directory services and one for the message store. It refers to those two accounts in both the Configuration setup and the permission wizard.

But Never during the configuration setup or permission wizard have I been prompted for two different account. Both only ask to provide only one account for unity services (no specification).

I'm concerned because the document says

" If you are using Exchange 2000, the account that owns Cisco Unity message store services cannot be a member of the Domain Admins group or be an Exchange 2000 administrator."

And I don't know how to do that if I can't use two different accounts.

Right now the only account I'm using for services is both member of the Domain Admins group and an Exchange 2000 administrator.

Why am I not prompted for two different account?



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Re: Unity directory services and Unity message store services wi

in 3.1(6) and in 4.0(1) and later both the permissions wizard and the service configuration wizards ask for (and in fact require) two different accounts be provided. In 3.1(5) this was not done yet so you have to manually configure the services after the installation.

The easiest way to do this is to this is to snag the 4.0(x) version of the Permissions wizard, select or create two account and run it against those account - one will be designated as the message store account and one the directory account (it's best to create a new account for the message store account to be sure it isn't a member of any groups that have restricted send as/receive as rights on the mailstores). You can get the 4.x permissions wizard off its home page here:

Once you've done that you need to manually assign those accounts to the services in the SCM:

AvDSAD and AvDSGlobalCatalog need to have the directory facing account assigned to them.

AvCsGateway, AvCsMgr, AvGaenSvr, AvMsgStoreMonitorSvc, AvNotifierMgr, AvUMRSyncSvr need to be assigned to the message store account. (A couple of those services may not be in your 3.1(5) system - I'm looking at a 4.x system right now).

The rest of the Av services can be assigned to the local system account.

Then you should be OK after a restart.

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Re: Unity directory services and Unity message store services wi

I can leave messages fine to 5.5 and 2000 users.

2000 Users can retreive messages over the phone but not 5.5 users.

Here is the log errors generated when a 5.5 users try to access his messages.


Last Category An error occurred while trying to logon to MAPI mailbox 8004011d: /o=Epiphany/ou=EPIPHANY/cn=Recipients/cn=Bdecout.


IAvDohMailUser::get_PrimaryMailbox returned [0x8004011d] on line 199 of file e:\views\cs_UE3.1.4.39\un_Core2\ConversationEng\AvStateSvr\AvSGetMailboxStatus.cpp

Running conversation SubMenu on Port 1

Subscriber Display Name : Boris Decout

Subscriber Alias : bdecout

Running conversation SubMsgCount on Port 1

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