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Unity DIRT Restore Questions

I have a couple of questions regarding the DIRT backup/restore. We have a customer with an AVVID pilot program with Unity 4.02, AD, Exchange 2000 on box with about 50 subscribers (voice mail only). They want to verify that the DIRT backup and restore works. I have set up the same scenario in our lab to test this before I go on site and I had a couple of issues that I'd appreciate getting some feedback on.

First Issue:

The backup went fine, with no errors reported. I included messages in the backup. During the restore I got an error that said:

Error in cmbRestore routine: Either BOF of EOF is true, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.

Here is the restore log at that point:

Allowing SA access for current user with :e:\commserver\GrantUnityAccess -u AVVIDTEST\uinstall -s installer

Adding local location objects back to the global locations table

No global location rows found in SQL prior to starting local to global transition

(error) in cmbRestore routine: number= 0

Local location added to global with alias=default

Updated SystemID in UnitySetupParameters table to: 324269a3

Updated RootPath in UnitySetupParameters table to: e:\commserver

Updated PrimaryServer in UnitySetupParameters table to: UNITY402

Primary location object display name set to: Default

Starting AvCsGateway

The restore seemed to work, so I'm looking for any answers as to what this error is.

Second Issue:

I noticed that the AD passwords for the restored users were reset after the restore. I'm not sure if the DIRT utility backs up this information or not. My thinking is that it doesn't and that when the users are created they are given a default Windows password that is different from the default windows password listed in Unity. Given that this box is voice mail only, I'm thinking that the actual Windows password doesnt really matter to the users.

But I like to know if this is expected behavior or not.

I appreciate any feedback on these two issues.


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Re: Unity DIRT Restore Questions

What version of DiRT restore are you using? That error looks like a simple error that I fixed several versions ago - be sure you've fetched the latest off If you have the latest, I can look into it but that error is not likely something to worry about - it simply removing and then rebuilding references to other Unity server objects from the global tables - if the table is already empty it should just bail out instead of trying to iterate through the table and it's not.

I cannot, of course, backup and restore AD passwords - when new AD objects are created in the directory they use the default password that you have configured for the subscriber templates. Phone passwords are stored as hashed MD5 strings which I can backup and restore, AD passwords are not nearly so simple and portable. It should use the windows password associated with the default subscriber template.

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Re: Unity DIRT Restore Questions


Thanks for your quick reply.

The restore tool I used was the latest ( I had to download it yesterday after I tried to restore and got a different error---for which the solution was to download the latest tool). The backup utility was version 1.0 build 89, which I don't think was the latest. Maybe that had something to do with the error.

On the 2nd question. It doesn't appear that the users were restored with the Unity default windows password. I left this at the default 12345678, but using that doesn't work. If I reset a user's password in AD then I am able to use the account. I've tried this on multiple users. I'm not sure what effect this would have on the users getting voicemail (if any), since phone passwords are backed up and restored.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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