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Unity & E2K message discreptency

Unity 3.15 (ICS7750) with E2K (voicemail only) - (CCM 3.2)

User (call him Dan)

has 7,649K - 109 total items listed under mailboxes in E2K

but "Dan" only has 35 new / saved (old) phone calls on Unity (using VMI or via the ip phone itself)

output from Unity Subscriber mailbox usage shows that "Dan" has used 7.78mb (inboxsize) - doesn't list number of items ....

(I also played with this in our lab (also 3.15, but unified messaging))

also had a mismatch between exchange and what Unity states for voicemail/fax/email

(exchanged showed 25 items, and phone stated 4 items)removed all email/fax/voicemail from outlook, and exchange still showed 21 items: removed any contacts and anything else in outlook and was able to get exchange down to 4 items)

first issue is not unified messaging - only voicemail

other mailboxes seem to be fine

messages not delivered / or cleanup required ???

Please shed some light on this for me


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity & E2K message discreptency

Exchange counts stuff in system folders (i.e. deleted items folder) as being in your inbox which could very well account for the discrepency in your message count here, but based on your description I'm not really sure.

You might want to check out the Message STore Manager tool - it has the ability to kick out very detailed information abount mailstore content for users as well as doing automatic clean up tasks and the like for you. You'll find the tool, its help file and a training video for it on its home page here:

New Member

Re: Unity & E2K message discreptency

thanks for your quick response.

I have played with MSM in our lab - again this is Unified messaging - seems every entry in outlook (even a calendar entry) adds an item to exchanges total item count. Was able to get down to 1 item with absolutely everything removed from outlook.

Will try MSM on customers system (voice mail only) at my next opportunity and will pass on my findings. My worry is that MSM will show a similar number of items - where are they? These are Lawyers and these could be important messages never delivered ???

thanks again - if anything else comes to mind, don't hesitate

New Member

Re: Unity & E2K message discreptency

One more thing - FYI

also ran (on off-box E2K)

eseutil utility &

isinteg utility

cleans up store, but doesn't change the total count

New Member

Re: Unity & E2K message discreptency

finally solved this.

Did run MSM on their unity system, basically telling that 102 items were "other items" and had a combined size of 221 bytes. Not telling me much, other than not voicemail messages (due to the combimed size)

installed a laptop on the Unity Domain and setup outlook client for that user.

found all these messages were "mailbox full messages"

deleted all of these within outlook and total count in Exchange and MSM went down to 16 - matches actual number of voice calls.

is there a better way to remove these, doesn't appear possible from the phone itself. this customer does not use outlook for their email client (Novell)


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