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Unity Error Msg

Lately users have been getting the following msg from Unity when trying to access thier voice messages.

"Sorry this system is temporarily unable to complete your call, please try again later...Goodbye"

The receive this message after entering thier password.

Also when a msg is left for a user the MWI does not come on.

Any ideas....Thanks


Re: Unity Error Msg

That is a catch-all error meaning Something Went Wrong when Unity tried to access that user's mailbox. Most likely it's lost or is having trouble maintaining connectivity to its partner Exchange server, especially if it's intermittent. There should be events in your Unity server's application Event Log with more detail. If you need more guidance, we'll need you to tell us what's appearing in the Event Log along with what version of Unity you're running. TAC will need that same information if you call them.

New Member

Re: Unity Error Msg

I'm having the same problem.We running Unity ver 4.0.3 with the latest TSP driver,exchange 5.5 & sp4 in a NT4 domain enviroment Callmanager 3.2.We can call the mwi ext and the lights go on/off.When you leave someone a message the lights does not go on and the user gets the message in their inbox.When you go to the subscribers page in the sa,messages and you refresh the mwi status the light comes on.After the user deletes the message the light does not go off until you manually refresh the mwi status for the subscriber.

Any ideas


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