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New Member

Unity error when changing subscriber password

I get the following error when trying to change a subscriber password. Version is 4.0(1)

ERROR HR=0x8000FFFF: Failed to commit changes

Anyone seen this?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity error when changing subscriber password

unfortunately that's just a generic "Unknown Failure" getting passed up to us - often this is an error being thrown back at us from interfaces such as MAPI or AD that we simply pass along - however changing the password should be something we have control over locally since that is not pushed into the directory and replicated around.

Is this happening for all users or just a specific user? Do you get the same error if you change the PW over the phone (i.e. does an error show up in the application event log when you do that)?

About the only thing happening at that point is Unity is checking to see if the new PW meets the PW policy requirements which is pretty basic stuff - in a jam we can call an SQL stored procedure to force the PW in if it's a particular user that has something mal formed in their PW history or current PW field (i.e. it's an illegal hashed string - we should handle this but that's my best guess right off hand unless this is happening for everyone).

New Member

Re: Unity error when changing subscriber password

It turns out that every subscriber is having the problem and it's not just the passwords they cannot change. Exchange and LDAP are offbox. The Unity server is logging errors about LDAP being down. So I need to find out what happened to cause the link to fail. Thanks for your input.

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