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Unity/Exchange Service Pack Issues

Jeff,<br><br>I have a customer that would like a Unity Demo, but currently has about 7 Exchange servers running in production mode with Service Pack 3 installed. Unity 2.4.6 requires Exchange 5.5 with Service Pack 4. I have heard several anecdotal stories about registry problems during the install when mixing Exchange systems in the same site/organization. Can you add any input and/or assurances.<br><br><br>


Re: Unity/Exchange Service Pack Issues

Hey Nick... since you guys figured out all kinds of good stuff on this one, I'm going to shamelessly drop your findings out here!

Technically Unity only cares about the SP on the local Exchange server but MS reccomends that all SPs in the site match. Before this morning I didn't think it was that big a deal since I know some sites are in this config... looks like you guys ran into some pain. Short story, MS isn't kidding.... it's a good idea to be at SP4 across the boards.

Here's the info that was passed to me this monring:

We brought up Exchange 5.5 on the Unity server and joined it to the existing site. We then upgraded the Unity server to SP4 (left primary server at SP3). Here are some of the problems we had with the main Exchange server (even after we took the Unity Exchange server offline):

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q246504
XADM: Cannot Access Public Folder Properties, C1010AAE

Basically some of the directory versions of the proxy generators did not match the actual dynamic link library (DLL) file versions. The directory versions were listed as SP4 versions while the actual DLLs on the box were SP3 versions. (note that we had never applied SP4 to this box).

Here is how we fixed it:

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q158336
XADM: Modifying Version Values for Proxy Address Generator

I know that Jim later found a few other problems similar (where he had to use RAW mode to change file versions) but I do not know which files he had to change.

It appears that the primary Exchange server changed file versions in the registry for some files when we applied the SP4 update to the Unity server Exchange.

I think this is how we knew there was a problem (couldn't administer IMS) - SP versions are different than what we use but the problem was the same.

This article pointer was forwarded to you from the Microsoft Online Support site.

The other DLL that had the incorrect version had to do with the MTA.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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