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Unity express license for SRST feature.


I am going to have a remote site router configured with SRST feature. During normal WAN operations the branch will use the VM services from the Unity server at the HO but during WAN failure, the Unity express on the same SRST router shud be active.

Question Do I need unity express lic for CME or CCM ??

Are these jst paper licenses and have no significance in the way its configured on the system.

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Re: Unity express license for SRST feature.

It would be whatever version of CM you're planning to use during the WAN failure. It sounds like you'd be using CCM from the main office, with SRST enabled on the remote site's router. In that case you'd use CCM.

However, the setup you're proposing doesn't make a lot of sense. CUE and Unity are completely different, and there's no way to synconize accounts or mailboxes between the two. What you'd probably want instead is to configure the remote site router as a voice gateway, then configure SRST so that requests for Voicemail dial the main office via the PSTN. My config is:

dial-peer voice 999 pots

description Outbound Calls during SRST

destination-pattern 9.......T

port 0/0:0



voicemail 918885551234


Maybe you're planning to use CUE just for the Auto Attendants, or don't want a PSTN connection to this remote site? Then the setup you describe would make sense, but it's going to be very difficult to maintain.

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Re: Unity express license for SRST feature.

Hi John,

I yet do not have the unity voicemail server installed at my HO. My plan is to start with unity express voicemail services for my remote users only and then once I get the VM unity server, have the users at the remote and HO use the voicemail from the unity server at HO.

As u mentioned, I do not have any PSTN at remote office. I need to use the SRST feature jst for internal calling during WAN failure.

Is it possible to configure the router during SRST to use the local unity express module for jst voicemail.




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Re: Unity express license for SRST feature.

The problem is that if you start people with Unity Express, there's no way to migrate messages over to Unity or vice-versa. Also, none of the greetings, passwords, or anything are shared between the two systems. Unity Express supports SRST directly, so it would support voicemail while the WAN is up or when it is down (you would use a CCM license for this). Unity Express is not designed to be a fallback option of regular Unity.

You can take a look at this:

It has a section on SRST for Unity Express.

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Re: Unity express license for SRST feature.

they are only paper liscenses, and don't take part in the SRST Router configuration.

Best regards,

Luis Felipe Castilla

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