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unity failover design

I have a customer that has configured their Unity Failover incorrectly. They have two unity servers with one of the unity servers hosting the message store.

I know the design is to have two unity front end servers with a backend message store. We will be re-configuring this option in the near future.

My questions is....... Even if the Unity failover configuration is running with two servers and the primary hosting the message store. Should the fail over process actually work????????

Cisco Employee

Re: unity failover design

Of course, you're not really getting much redunancy, since the whole point of failover is that if a box fails it'll switch over to the other. In any case, it'll probably work, but it's untested. There's nothing in the failover logic that I know of that checks if the mailstore is onbox or not. There probably should be.

Community Member

Re: unity failover design

I would expect what you would see is if box one goes down, then box 2 would take over. The message store at that point would be unavailable (since it was on box 1), so UMR should take over until box 1 comes back online.

Like you said bad design, but should function because of the redundacies built into Unity


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