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Unity + FaxServer Integration

I am trying to locate a solution to utilize an existing PRI T1 with several DID inbound # to be redirected to a faxserver, the T1 is on a VG200 gateway and will be servicing voice and inbound fax calls.

What FaxServer software will allow IP connections to a gateway ?? if any ??

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity + FaxServer Integration

None of the fax servers currently tested against Unity, although I've heard Faxination and Interstar have both been working on T38 capabilities, you might check their web sites. Here's a list of all the fax servers currently tested against Unity (although just about any fax server with an Exchange gateway should be able to work with Unity):

Captaris RightFax Version 6 or higher

Esker FaxGate Version 7 or higher

FAXCOM for Exchange Version 6.19 or higher

Fenestrae FAXination Version 4 or higher

Interstar LighteningFax Version 5.5 or higher

Omtool Fax Sr. Version 3 or higher

Optus FACSys Version 4.5 or higher


You might also want to check out the IP fax options using no external fax servers at all. This only applies to inbound faxing (output will still require a 3rd party fax server to be involved) but for your application this might be something to consider (and it's free):

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