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unity folder in exchange administrator

hi<br>we installed a Unity 2,4,5 build 66 on an Exchange 5.5 in an existing site with 2 other Exchange 5.5 servers and 1 other Exchange 2000 server.the Unity server crashed from hard disk problems. it was a new install so there was no backup. the unity server was rebuilt with exchange Server 5.5 and windows 2000. when u start exchange adminstrator there is a unity folder there. This was created by the Unity installation program, then I think what happened was it replicated back to the other Exchange servers. then when exchange was reinstalled on the unity box, replication occurred and it got the database back from the other now what do we do.We have a unity folder in a an Exchange Site wich hasn't had unity installed, and there are call handlers objects we had created in unity, Class of Service objects we had created in the unity install.What do we do? do we contact Cisco to manually remove unity objects in exchange 5.5. do we delete objects in each folder under unity and then try to delete the unity folder??do we reinstall unity over the top??<br><br>please help<br><br>thanx<br><br>


Re: unity folder in exchange administrator

Since you can't run a proper uninstall now that Unity is gone off the system you have to do this manually. You have two things in the Exchange directory that need to be cleaned out:

1. The Unity folder contains all the call handler, interview handler, COS objects, location etc... in there. You can get rid of this in one shot by opening Exchange in raw mode (use the "-r" parameter on the ADMIN.EXE app) and deleting it as a raw object. This will replicate around to the other servers in the site.

2. All mail users who were subscribers are 'tagged' as subcribers on the now-dead Unity server. You'll need to get rid of the subscriber data off these folks before you'll be able to import them into the new Unity server you're going to install. If you don't have too many users you can do this by hand in raw mode by setting the "voice mail user id" raw property to "0" for these guys. This will indicate to the new Unity server that they aren't subscribers any longer and will let you import them again.

If you have a boat-load of users you can install Unity (after removing the Unity folder in Exchange and letting it replicated) you can try the dbWalker application on my site. Select the "remove subscriber properties on mail users with no primary call handlers" check box and go. It should remove all the subscriber data for these guys since you took out their primary call handlers when you removed the Unity folder.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: unity folder in exchange administrator

thanx Jeff
that worked well

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