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Unity help ???

I'm on Unity 3.1.3, CM 3.2.2a, and am trying to accomplish the following:

User A's phone rings 3 times, goes to voicemail, at this point i want the caller to have 3 options, 1) hit a specific user's extension , 2) hit the operator, 3) leave a voicemail

I need some hints on accomplishing this, details appreciated. Do I use call handlers, directory handlers ....?

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Re: Unity help ???

Trying to create a call handler to handle caller input such as , press 1 to send caller to 'subscriber'. i select the appropriate subscriber and then when i press 1 as prompted, i can't get the extension to ring, rather just straight into this persons voicemail. how do i get the extension to ring first, then voicemail if unanswered?

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Re: Unity help ???

Each subscriber has their own caller input key map. You can configure this there and have your subscribers made aware of this when they record their greetings. You can use the bulkedit to set up all of your subscribers with one global setting (0 to kick out to the operator and # to skip the greeting and go straight to leaving a message are defaults).


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity help ???

Two most common problems I see here:

1. Make sure you are using the "attempt transfer for" option instead of the "send to greeting for" option on the one key menu... the "send to greeting for" is the default and skipt the transfer attempt.

2. On the call handler you're sending the call to, set the alternate transfer rule to active and use that for your transfer rule... lots of folks trip up on the schedule being inactive or set the standard rule when the alternate is active (the alternate over ride the other two transfer rules).

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Re: Unity help ???

thanks for the help. one more question, the scenario is as follows:

a call comes in for person A and rings 3 times, goes to a call handler. how can i at this point redirect the call through caller input, say pressing 3, back to the original recipients voicemail ?

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