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Unity ICS unified message

When I receive a VM in Outlook, the From reads as "Unity Messaging System - ICS-0070707070".

Is there anyway to remove the ICS-xxxxxx stuff without renaming the system? or that my only option?

It's pretty annoying to hear unity read this off when checking messages via the phone.



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Re: Unity ICS unified message

That's actually the display name of the Unity Messaging System account that Untiy uses to send outside caller messages to subscribers - you can change the display name of that object (just don't touch anything else in there) in ADUC (or Ex55) to whatever you want and it'll stick.

I'm not sure I understand your statement about the phone interface here, though... Unity doesn't read the from field for messages over the phone - it'll only play the voice name (or extension number of no voice name is recorded) of the subscriber who sent the message or say "message from an unknown caller" if it's from an outside caller. The only time you'd see this display name is via the desktop (Outlook) email interface when looking at messages.

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Re: Unity ICS unified message

Thanks... and your right... it was reported that it was doing that... I'll ask again what they are talking about..

Thanks again.

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