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Unity, IE, and the dreaded underscore....

I'm looking for a cheap workaround for the underscore issue. On a list of things I do not want to do for the customer - rebuild is on top of the list. I understand this is an IE issue, so can I use another browser or downgrade IE? Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Unity, IE, and the dreaded underscore....

There's no real easy way to change the server name on a standing system - I'm plinking around with an option like this for a future DiRT version that simply updates the server name, makes all the changes in SQL and Unity and the registry to make this fly but it's trickier than you might imagine... lots of testing and twiddling yet to do.

At this point I think the best I can suggest is to go fetch the latest DiRT version, do a backup, reubild the server with a proper name, install Unity again and restore - You can do this onto another box to save down time as well. This will at least save all the Unity data including passwords/greetings and all that so users will not notice the change... but of course this means some install hours for you.

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Re: Unity, IE, and the dreaded underscore....

I just searched NetPro for underscore under Voice & Video. I found this thread, but of course I was hoping to find a SOLUTION! 1) Since it appears there is no solution, can you elaborate on the the problem? 2) Why doesn't the Install Guide point this out??? Where did I miss this show-stopper??? I search the IG and RelNotes and underscore is not mentioned. 3) Why doesn't CUSPA check for an underscore??? It's kinda late in the process to get dinged by such a benign issue, especially installing Unity POV on a server running everything: Domain Controller, Active Directory, Exchange 2000.


Re: Unity, IE, and the dreaded underscore....

Please keep in mind that this was never a problem until Microsoft changed the functionality of IE. It was only after they released the Q313675 patch that this because an issue.

During the installation of Windows you get a LENGTHY message with all the problems that can happen if you use "non standard" characters in the name.

Starting with the 4.0(1) release Unity does check to see if there is an underscore in the machine name. If it finds an underscore it prevents you from installing.

In the installation guide we say "Use only alphabetical characters from A to Z and a to z, and numerical characters from 0 to 9" for the server name.

In the 3.1(4) and 3.1(5) release notes we noted that a server name with an underscore will have issues if the Microsoft IE patch is applied. (CSCdx35975)

Hope these help,



Re: Unity, IE, and the dreaded underscore....

Browsing Unity SA with Mozilla Firebird works. Give that a shot. I have had issues with Unity SA and Netscape.

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Re: Unity, IE, and the dreaded underscore....

1.) Mozilla is not a supported browser.

2.) Underscores are illegal DNS characters, period.


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