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UNity in Exchange 2000 and ex55 enviroment

I installed the following system 3 times , but had same problem. Can anybody give me a direction? Recently I set up a lab for mixed 55/2000 enviroment in order to for a new project for our customer. However the second part wasn't succesful.

Here is the things I have done>

1.Install an ex55 in the Nt4.0 PDC server.

2.Install a Win2k AD server. install ADC to join the ex55. Install ex2k.

3. Install another win2k for Unity server.. Join in WIn2k domain.

4. log on as administrator on unity server ,install all the stuff and ex2k administrative only software.

5.Assign the permissions , rights and log on as service , blah...based on the documentation

6. install unity and restart server for configuration setup

7.Finally unity pop up error message saying one or couple services are not running

8. I check the event and found the key service AvCsmgr is not started.

9. I look into a TAC document" Cisco unity 3.x Mail Store does not start after running configuration setup"

10. I found the unity_unity server doesn't have mailbox path under exchange general tab , also there is no mailbox rights under exchange advanced tab .I do as it instructed but still doesn't work

11. Then I post the question to this forum and I was sugested to use Unity_unityserver as a log on user and change couple things like log on service in the registry, and change the four services owner to Unity_unityserver.

12. But it still didn't work.

13. Here is my question: I think and also tested the unity_unnityserver acount won't be created until the configuratuon setup is successfully finished. So in my case theoratically I can't use unity_unityserver as an installer user or service user unless I created this user first, but it may conflict with the other one which will be created by configuration setup. Secondly, how can I fix the problem of unity_unityserver account missing mailbox path, mailbox rights, blah... If it's fixed, the problem should be fixed.

Cisco Employee

Re: UNity in Exchange 2000 and ex55 enviroment

You descibe a complex and very involved situation here that is difficult for us to evaluate in a setting like the forum here. I suggest you open a TAC case.

By the way, please don't post the same question on a seperate thread every day or so when you don't get a response. I understand you're anxious to get a rapid answer but cluttering the forum with repeated questions is not the way to go about it.


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