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Unity Install Problems

I have been setting up and testing Call Manager 3.3(2) and Unity 4.0(1) for a test network in the lab. We have to Call Manager Servers in a Cluster and 1 Unity Server. I had some problems with the Call Manager Cluster setup so i decided to start fresh and reinstall all 3. After i installed the call manager cluster i installed the unity. when i finished everything works till i try to leave a voicemail. I call the person and it says they are busy or unavailable at this time then instead of letting me leave a message it says "This System is temporarily unable to complete your call please try again later"

I'm not sure how to fix this i haven't created any users yet just using the builin ones. I was thinking it may have to do with permissions to the exchange 2k server which is on a different server, b/c the event logs show errors like "Cisco Unity UMR attempts to deliver failed. UMR message failed due to Unity conflict or connectivity issues with partner mail server. I have checked permissions and they appear to be ok. I reran the permissions wizard and everything appears ok.

Please Give me any suggestions.

I'm not sure what else to try

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Re: Unity Install Problems

can you post the complete error message text from the application event log that come up when you try to leave a message? Whenever that failsafe conversation kicks in (the "system is temporarily unable to complete your call..." thing) it always logs one or more errors to the applciation event log. This should give us a clue as to where to look next.

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Re: Unity Install Problems

From the Unity server, can you get into the exchange box Start>Programs>Microsoft Exchange, from there can you see the Mailstore?

Also try getting into AD, look and see if you can see users, perhaps try to create a new user.

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Re: Unity Install Problems

I can add a user in to AD from the Unity Server and i can see the users in ad

I can also pull up users in ad from unity to add them but it will not add them

it says error 0x80070005 cannot add

I can see the message store also from the unity server

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Re: Unity Install Problems

I cleared the event log and tested again and i get 3 error messages

Error 152 Cisco Unity_PHGreeting

Unity mailbox for sending outside caller messages is not available. Possible reasons could be that the mailbox was deleted or is this is a Exchange 2k implementation, the RUS service is not running or is not scheduled right. Technical details -- the smtpaddress field in the subscriber view for subscribers with Type 0 is blank or NULL. The only subscriber with type 0 should be the Unity mailbox.

Info Cisco Unity_convMsg running Phgreeting on port 1 (This message is b/t each of the errors)

Error 107 Cisco Unity_PHGreeting

IsOutsideCallerMailbox ok returned 0x80004005 on line 3890 of file e:\views\cs_ue4.0.0.280\un_conv2\avconvphonehandler\avconvphgreetingsvr \avsplaygreeting.cpp

also again but line 3262 instead of line 3890

Also the Umr message came up 5 minutes or so later

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