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Unity Integration with Call Manager and Legacy ECI/Tadiran PBX

I am looking at putting in a Cisco Call Manager for use with several hundred new users in couple of buildings. For all old users (about 500) I have a ECI/Tadiran Coral III PBX. I am going to hook the 2 PBX's together in the dial plan via a 3640 that I also use for a VOIP Gateway with some remote sites. I am planning on using Unity for the new IP Phones but would also like to integrate it with my existing ECI PBX and have only one voice mail system for both sets of phones. Inegrating the dial plans is not a problem, however I have been told that the signaling to get the message waiting lights on the old phones to light up with unity would be very tough. Does anyone have a good solution for this?

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Re: Unity Integration with Call Manager and Legacy ECI/Tadiran P

I would strongly suggest you contact your Cisco account team for help with this. They should be able to get in touch with the Unity integration experts to address this. They have experience connecting to a wide variety of legacy PBX systems with various integration methods (serial/SMDI, analog DTMF, proprietary digital integration, etc.) and should be able to provide an answer as well as any technical guidance for the actual implementation.

But what you are talking about is a perfectly normal example of what is called "dual-switch integration," and yes the unknown for me at this point is what are the options integrating with a Tadiran switch.

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Re: Unity Integration with Call Manager and Legacy ECI/Tadiran P

I found out that my Legacy ECI PBX uses Serial/SMDI Signaling for voicemail if that would be helpful.

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